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By Tom Greenbaum – SCORE Counselor, NY SCORE

Go for a walk down Third Avenue in New York City, and you will see something that so many of our towns and cities have in common….EMPTY RETAIL STORES.   

Further, I think if you wander through any commercial building in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan or Any City USA you will see numerous empty offices.  This is because despite the booming economy that our President brags about, a depressing number of small businesses are either in major trouble or have gone out of business.

Unfortunately, for a large number of failed organizations, there was a source of help which may have precluded their demise, if they were aware of the free resources that are available to help.

In over 300 cities, and especially in the New York metro area, there is SCORE ( Service Corps of Retired Executives) help is only a phone call or email away.  The SCORE organization in the United States has over 14,000 VOLUNTEERS, yes, I said VOLUNTEERS, who have the single-minded mission of helping small businesses succeed….and prosper.  Whether your business is in big trouble, or you are trying to grow your business faster, the mentors from SCORE are there to help.

In the New York Chapter (of which I am a long-time member) we have approximately 100 different mentors who are anxious to help wherever we can to help a business achieve their short, medium- or long-term objectives.  

Again, to emphasize the help from SCORE is FREE.

Most of the counselors at SCORE are men and women with many years of experience in a large number of business categories and have expertise working in a wide variety of functional areas.   

For example, in the functional areas:

  • We have mentors/counselors who are experienced in digital marketing, web site development and social media across a wide variety of different types of businesses.

  • We have mentors/counselors who can help with sales, customer service and inventory control issues.

  • We have people who understand the finance of business, and can work within your existing funding structure, but can also help you obtain additional funds needed to maintain or expand your business.

  • We have many mentors who are experts in Marketing, and can help develop and implement marketing plans, involving all aspects of your business.

In terms of types of business, we have mentors/counselors who have significant experience in hundreds of different areas.  Frankly, I think it would be almost impossible for a client to come to SCORE and for us not to be able to identify a person on our staff that has experience in your business, either as a manager/employee or as a consultant.

Our mentors/counselors work with clients on a confidential basis, normally seeing the client every 2-4 weeks. Our goal is to guide the client to do the work needed to achieve their objectives. We can not do the work for the clients, but we do try to help our clients understand how to do the tasks that are necessary.

I, personally, have several clients that I have been working with for over 5 years and a few that have been coming for over 10 years.  In net, we will work with our clients as long as we can be helpful. 

The duration of a counseling session depends of the mentor’s personal approach, but generally it is a one-hour session.

The New York Chapter of SCORE has chapters in Manhattan at 26 Federal Plaza (the headquarters office) and at the Science, Industry and Business Library on 34th & Madison. We also have offices, in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx.



In addition to our mentoring, SCORE offers other services that could be of great help to different organizations.  

For example:

• We offer well over 100 different workshops per year on a wide variety of topics, many of which are free and if not, the cost is very small

• We also offer free roundtables where leaders of small businesses get together with others to talk about their issues, and work together to solve them.

• For a select group of companies, we offer an Advisory Service, where we have 3-4 very experienced counselors work with the organizations as a quasi, unpaid Board of Directors, with quarterly meeting to help provide advice to the senior management relative to the direction which the organization is taking to achieve its goals.


While this article appears to be a big commercial, it is just that.  However, the difference, is that we are offering a FREE service to help small business solve problems or achieve objectives.

To contact the NY  SCORE office, one simply calls 212-264-4507 or visits our website at www.SCORENYC.org.   

Either way, you will be put in contact with a mentor, who will probably be able to see you very quickly so 

you can begin your journey together.

Tom Greenbaum has been with SCORE for over ten years in both the Connecticut and New York Chapters.  He is a regular contributor to this newspaper in an effort to help small business in the borough.  Tom spent 40 years in the consulting business working in marketing, sales and marketing research, after working on the client side at Procter & Gamble and Arm & Hammer.   

He has written 7 books on various marketing topics, the latest of which is:  You Can Do It; A Guide to Starting and Running a Small Business – 2018 Revised Edition. It is available on Amazon or wherever you buy your eBooks.

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