Food and Urban Farming Tours Show a Fresh Side of the Bronx

Urban Farming Tour of the Bronx Set for Next Week

Since May 2011, the Bronx Food and Farm Tours, organized by NYBG’s Bronx Green-Up program, have highlighted urban farms and community and school gardens in the Bronx — showcasing beautiful, productive and inspiring sites along with the urban farmers and gardeners who tend to them.

These walking tours promote health and wellness, highlighting the fresh fruits and vegetables grown at each site and provide a nutritious lunch. B-blossom, a local Bronx catering business, treats participants to a delicious spread incorporating fresh salads, savory vegetarian and vegan options and something sweet for dessert.

July 28, 2018

South Bronx garden tour

©Kayla Beltran, Bronx Documentary Center

The tours are sponsored by Montefiore Health System and planned by Bronx Green-Up, the community gardening outreach program of The New York Botanical Garden, since their inception. They grew out of a collaboration of different organizations including La Familia Verde, Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center, NYC Parks GreenThumb, the Office of the Borough President and the Bronx Tourism Council.

The upcoming Bronx Food and Farm Tour on July 20 will feature the bounty of fresh food grown right here in the Bronx and available at local farmers markets. 

This tour includes the flourishing 138th Street Community Garden and Padre Plaza, which produces food from raised vegetable beds, features a tranquil pond, and hosts seasonal events in the garden. 

Lunch will be shared at Brook Park, a hub that grows not just plants, but also relationships between people and their community. The tour also stops at the South Bronx Farmers Market to allow participants time to shop for farm-fresh produce on the way to their final stop, La Finca del Sur Urban Farm. Sign up to learn how crops from this urban farm contribute to the community market.

Tickets are $20 and all proceeds go to the participating gardens and urban farms. For more information on other upcoming tours and to reserve your space, fill out the form at or call 718.817.8026.


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