Kidnapping Mystery in the Bronx- Kids Returned, Suspect on the Loose

A Bronx grandmother and her two grandchildren were reunited with family members after being abducted and taken on a two-hour ride to Edison, New Jersey– where the trio were dropped off, unharmed at a shopping mall.

Knife Wielding Man Barricades Self in Pel Bay Apartment, Cops Say

A small army of police, fire officials and paramedics closed off Middletown Road at Crosby Avenue in Pelham Bay, after an emotionally disturbed individual, reportedly brandishing a knife– held cops at bay for more than an hour.

Neighbor Prevents Fatal Plunge with Beach Chair

An underage migrant teen from Mexico, who was placed in a Bronx foster home a day earlier, plunged four-stories out of a bathroom window– and was saved by a quick-thinking neighbor with a common lounge chair.