Super Blood Wolf Moon Shines on Bronx

By David Greene

BRONX– Stargazers who braved a sub-zero chill caught a rare sight as January’s Full Wolf Moon, coincided with a “Super” moon and a total lunar eclipse at the same time, on Sunday, January 20. 

The eclipse continues to shade part of the moon.–Photo by David Greene

The “Wolf” moon comes from the American Indian, who named January’s full moon for wolf’s that would often howl in the night. The “Super” moon takes place when the moon passes the earth closer than usual and looks closer and brighter than normal. 

The term “Blood” moon comes from the eclipse, and the often red glow the moon gives off from being in the earth’s shadow. The rare occurrence was visible in North and South America, Europe and Africa. The next Full Blood Super Moon Eclipse will not take place again until 2037. 

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