Post Office Shutdown in Bronx

Burst Pipe Closes Facility for Second Time

By David Greene

BRONX– Forget about “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” will keep the postman from his rounds. In the Bronx a little water can shut a post office down multiple times. 

For the second time in as many months, a local post office has its iron gates up, but its front door remains locked and it has nothing to do with the government shutdown– this time it was a burst pipe.

Customers had been arriving since the scheduled 8 a.m. opening of the Van Cott branch of the United States Postal Service (USPS) located at 3102 Decatur Avenue at East 204 Street in Norwood.

A sign stating, “Water pipe burst” and “Station will re-open tomorrow,” as the uninviting locked door and temperatures hovering at the 15 degree mark, was enough to send most customers scurrying for cover.

An unidentified employee at the station, explained, “We’re fixing it now,” as his manager Ms. Santos is working with the landlord to fix the pipe, a large pool of water was observed through an employee entrance.

The employee continued, “I’m just waiting for them to come and clean up, so I can open up,” pointing out that the water was shutoff and the leak had stopped and now needed to be repaired.

Confirming the sign in the window, the worker added, “We’ll definitely be open tomorrow morning.” Asked if the running water caused any damage, the employee replied,” “not really.”

Customers to the branch spent a couple weeks at the end of November until early December unable to pick up and ship out holiday packages, as the Van Cott Station was one of three area branches that were all shut due to flooding from the roof, after a recent storm.

One local resident offered, “I know they were wanting to close this location for a long time, that’s what I thought happened.”

A second resident fumed, “Yeah, the service here is no good. There’s been like 10 people here in 10 minutes, look!” as the man pointed to a pair of customers, pulling on the metal and glass door to no avail.

The man added, “It’s not right, we need good service.”

Some were able to drop their mail in the box outside the post office, one woman needed a receipt that her letter was sent and was forced to drive to another branch at East Gun Hill Road and White Plains Road.

Showing signs of skepticism, another woman just informed of the closing, asked, “So in November they had a flood and now they have a water leak?”

Still another woman said In broken English “It’s a little inconvenient for the neighborhood, let’s hope they open it soon.”

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