Pol Hails Cuomo’s Plan to Allow Parolees to Vote 

Restoring Prisoner Vote is Seen as Step to Prison Reform


POLITICS– A Bronx politician is hailing Gov. Cuomo’s plan to allow parolees to vote.


State Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda today applauded Governor Cuomo’s announcement that he will restore the right to vote to paroled state felons, a move that could see 35,000 individuals added to the state registration rolls. Restoring prisoner vote is seen as step to prison reform


By using executive order, the governor will sidestep opposition in the currently Republican-controlled state Senate to the move.


Cuomo made his announcement at the National Action Network’s annual convention in New York City, where he was introduced by the group’s founder, the Rev. Al Sharpton.


“This is both a wise and humane move on the governor’s part,” said Sepulveda, who is chairman of the Assembly Sub-Committee on Transitional Services, which is involved in helping to transition inmates back into society.


“I applaud his recognition of an issue that has long been on the agenda of many reformers.”


Parolees will still be subject to reporting to parole officers and meeting the terms of their parole, said the Assemblyman.


He noted that a recent survey commissioned by the group LatinoJustice PRLDEF found that 76% of Latinos strongly support restoring the vote to people convicted of crimes after they have paid their debt to society, with the highest support, coming from Puerto Ricans (85%), younger Latinos, 18-34 yr. olds (84%), and Latinos previously stopped by police (82%).


Restoring the vote is also supported by Latinos across partisan lines, the survey found, with 70% of Latino Republicans and 83% of Latino Democrats in favor of allowing the formerly incarcerated to participate in elections.



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