NYCHA Orgies Lead to Staff Removals in Bronx

Residents of Throggs Neck Houses Cheer Staff Reassigned  


NEW YORK– Following claims of booze fueled orgies taking place on NYCHA property by staff on overtime, the entire staff of the Throggs Neck Houses has been reassigned. 


The shake up comes after the NY Daily News reported that NYCHA staff members threw parties inside a groundskeeper shop in the Throggs Neck Houses. 


Tenants say workers threw booze filled parties which resulted in sex all while on the clock.


The report claims supervisors and subordinates engaged in sex during the parties that were held after hours. However, workers put in for overtime pay during the time they engaged in partying.


City officials today reassigned the entire staff of the Throggs Neck Houses much to the support of community leaders. 


“My constituents who live in public housing have been through hell and back due to lead paint, broken boilers and dangerous living conditions, which is why I fought in the state senate for an Independent Monitor,” said State Senator Jeff Klein. 


“I am encouraged by the new dialogue we are having with NYCHA leadership and by their swift removal of staff at Throggs Neck Houses. However, new allegations that some of these staff members engaged sexual misconduct and abuse warrant an immediate investigation. 


“Should these claims be true, we must ensure that the culpable employees are not just suspended and eventually transferred to other NYCHA developments, but instead permanently removed from NYCHA. 


“These allegations are not a reflection of the thousands of hard working NYCHA employees, who proudly serve our city. My number one priority is the safety of my constituents, and my staff and I will be here everyday during this transition to ensure that Throggs Neck Houses’ residents receive the support and services that they deserve,” Klein said.

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