Notre Dame Saved from Total Destruction

Notre Dame Fire Fails to Destroy Cathedral 

Bell Towers Saved

PARIS- Shock is engulfing France and the world as the historic Notre Dame Cathedral continues to burn. Yet a sigh a relief has been uttered as the French President announced that the Cathedral has been saved.

The “worst has been avoided,” French President Emmanuel Macron told the press.

“We will rebuild Notre Dame together,” published reports quote Macron.“What’s happened this evening is obviously a terrible drama. This is our history, and it’s burning.”

[Tweet “This is our history, and it’s burning.”]

The cathedral’s famous spire has already been incinerated and collapsed as firefighters battle to save what is left of the holy landmark.

News just broke that the cathedral’s famous towers were saved. 

A cause for the massive fire has not been determined. However, investigators will be looking into whether the massive renovation of Notre Dame had accidentally started the fire.

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