Accused Bronx Rapist Posed as Cop, Investigators Say

Police Make Arrest 

New Twists in Alleged Rape of 12 Year Old

Conflicting Media Reports


BRONX– The man charged with raping a 12-year-old girl in a Bronx motel room had used a phony shield to pose as a cop to lure her into his SUV, investigators said. 

Police arrested 51-year-old Carlos Medina of the Bronx. He was charged with the following: Rape (2 Counts), Predatory Sexual Assault, Criminal Sexual Act, Criminal Impersonation

Act in a Manner Injurious to a Child and Sexual Abuse (2 Counts).

Police say Carlos Medina of the Bronx is the man in the surveillance video taken from the motel.

Published reports have been conflicting. The victim, a 12-year-old girl from Connecticut, claimed to be visiting her boyfriend in Soundview. Not a runaway as previous reports claimed. 

Now cops are saying the suspect used a badge to claim he was a cop and lure the girl into the SUV.

What is not disputed is that she rode with the man to the Hutchinson-Whitestone Motel on Westchester Avenue in Pelham Bay on January 4. 

Another published report claims a worker at the motel is quoted as saying the girl went to the room with the man. And that she appeared to leave with him later on. A WCBS report quotes cops as saying that there is no indication that the girl was involved in the sex trade. 

Cops say the young victim was taken to a local hospital immediately after the incident. She was treated and is listed in stable condition. 

Cops pulled the surveillance video from the motel. The same day the video and photos of the person of interest aired, the man surrendered himself to police. 


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