Migrant Teen Falls Out of 4-Story Window! Now Where is He?

Migrant Child Missing After Bronx Fall from Building

By David Greene

A Kingsbridge Heights foster mom recounted the 24 hours she opened up her home to a 17-year-old Mexican migrant, who then fell out a 4-story window.

Nolberto Dominguez, 50, holds a copy of the Bronx Voice that reported his quick action of placing a lounge chair under a teen who fell four-stories from a window of a University Avenue building on June 17. Photo by David Greene

A day after the June 7 incident when Juan Pablo, 17, fell out a tiny bathroom window at 2550 University Avenue, foster mom Rosa Paula, was sitting on the building’s front stoop, her eyes blood-shot red from crying and not sleeping.

Paula, 53, said with a sigh of relief, “Yes, he’s okay,” adding that a social worker reported his condition, but no one was allowed to see the boy. Asked if she’d been crying, Paula replied, “Yes, it’s been terrible.”

Paula stated that Pablo arrived the previous night. The first day she brought him to meet with a social worker for six hours.

After falling out a fourth-floor window, officials do not seem to know where 17-year-old Juan Pablo is.

Paula explained, “He was having fun and laughing and eating pizza,” but added that later that evening, “He went to the bathroom and closed the door…. and then the police knocked on my door, I didn’t know what happened.”

Paula was asked why no window guards were protecting the windows, the 18-year resident of the building said she had asked the super some time after new windows were installed about 3 years-ago, she claimed, “He never came back.”

Paula said she thanked hero electrician Nolberto Dominguez, 50, who sprang into action as Pablo hung from the window for several minutes, placing a beach chair under the teen to break his fall and at least one police officer and one EMT credited the effort and chair with saving the boys life.

Paula added, “I thanked him very much, I’m very grateful.”

Asked about Pablo’s detention in California, Paula said, “Yes, he said he stayed there for 3-months. Oh my God, he said he was very hungry, there was very little food.”

In a follow up phone call Paula, whose roots are from the Dominican Republic, said she would not take in any more children from Mexico.

Despite repeated calls for comment, Steve Clark, a spokesman for St. Barnabas Hospital, stated a week after the incident, “I know who your talking about, um, possibly he’s here under a different name, I don’t know, that’s a possibility. I will tell you his condition is stable.”

One official at the scene reported that the teen had two broken arms, two broken legs and internal injuries. 


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