Matt Harvey Fiasco

Mets Have No Answers

By Rich Mancuso

SPORTS– It’s a no brainer and the New York Mets are caught in this Matt Harvey situation that caused them to suspend the right-hander on what they say was Saturday. So Harvey missed one start and filed an appeal with the powerful MLB Player’s Association and the result is there will be no winner.



Except if you try and understand this, Harvey once again lost with the Mets. And this has become common with the Mets and Matt Harvey and there is no conclusion in sight. The one time ace who could throw a fastball better than a speeding bullet is once again in the circle of controversy.



Was it tardiness on Harvey’s part or the continuing part of the Mets hierarchy not giving a hoot about one of their promising pitchers? And it can be said, Harvey was once, one of the promising as it seems to be the situation with a young starting rotation that continues to be hindered by one injury or another.



So on Sunday, the Mets took a stance. Harvey was suspended and apparently from all reports this has been an ongoing situation as all sources point to Harvey arriving late at the ballpark numerous times and violating team policies. Let’s face the facts and realize if Harvey has been suspended because of tardiness, and because he arrived late the day before his next start, well there should be that suspension.



This is a job for Matt Harvey and what employee in the business world, away from the orbit of sports, will tolerate lateness? He has a job and one that is important to the Mets playoff hopes even if his performance on the mound has not been to Harvey like standards before his Tommy John procedure to that valued pitching arm.



Sources informed this columnist this had nothing to do with Harvey reportedly skipping town and taking in a Rangers playoff game up in Ottawa. Instead, it is being told that Harvey was having headaches of the sort after taking in a round of golf Saturday morning. And it has also been reported he was busy watching the Rangers playoff game and called in sick.



The Mets, on the other hand, are not reporting the specifics and this is now a closed door situation. But those sources say, Harvey and the Mets have been fighting in house about his lateness and attitude, something they say that has been brewing towards the end of last season.



And this is taking on another factor. There seems to be no control with the Mets and this young and once promising starting rotation. Whether it be the injuries to Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Seth Lugo, there seems to be no right answer. The Mets remain silent and who knows what is going on behind closed doors.



Soon and in a matter of days the answers will come as to why Harvey was suspended. This was at one time the Mets future of a franchise player, and again he has become a farce to their fans as the manager Terry Collins is out of words and let it be known the manager here is dealing with circumstances beyond his control.



Appeal if you want Matt Harvey. Regardless, when the truth is told it is known that Matt Harvey is one of those spoiled ballplayers in a new era of baseball with high profiled contracts and player agents calling the shots.



And for the Mets, a team getting some offensive punch as of late and lost a game with a spot starter on Sunday, this bad news cycle of injuries to players and turmoil continues. Perhaps they can get back to the basics this coming week.



But surely this Matt Harvey story will continue and the way things have been transpiring these first six weeks of the new season for the Mets, who knows what is next?



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