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The Bronx needs a newspaper as bold and as powerful as an oncoming subway train. A paper that gives a voice to its people.

The Bronx Voice is an independent community newspaper that provides information in print and online to neighborhoods that have traditionally been underserved by community newspapers and major media.

In-depth news stories on crime, politics, housing, education and more have made the Bronx Voice a must read in the multicultural neighborhoods that make up the borough’s rich diversity.

The Bronx Voice reports on issues affecting various community boards and community groups- from city zoning issues and budget fights to overdevelopment, etc.

The Bronx Voice also features positive programs that help people in these communities and profiles local residents improving their neighborhoods.
20,000 Readers & Growing

Distributed to the following: TRain


Medical Clinics

Retail Centers


Transit Hubs & More

Bronx Voice has the greatest sports section this side of the Daily News. Veteran columnists cover sporting events large and small. From NY Yankees home games and NYC Soccer, to the Pinstripe Bowl to college and high school hoops, baseball, football and more.

Bronx Voice also has partnerships with small business and community organizations to encourage entrepreneurism and provide help for small businesses.