‘Joey Cupcakes’ Stabbed Rival in Son of Sam Building

Brutal Attack Occurred at Site of First Son of Sam Murder


BRONX– A Bronx man brutally stabbed his rival in the same building where the Son of Sam’s first victim lived.


The attack took place inside 2860 Buhre Avenue. The Pelham Bay building was where Donna Lauria lived and was killed in front of 42 years ago. She and her boyfriend sat inside a parked car in front of the building when David Berkowitz shot the pair on July 29, 1976. 

Bronx District Attorney Clark said the defendant, Joseph Urgitano, 51, was sentenced to 18 years in prison and five years post-release supervision by Bronx Supreme Court Justice James McCarty. A jury found the defendant guilty of first-degree Assault on July 27, 2018, nearly 42 years ago to the day Lauria was killed. 


2860 Buhre Avenue- Google Street View


According to the investigation, on June 15, 2014, the victim, Luis Quinones, was inside the vestibule of 2860 Buhre Avenue while he rang the doorbell. Video surveillance from the building showed Urgitano, also known as “Joey Cupcakes,” and his girlfriend walking downstairs to the vestibule and then Urgitano stabbing Quinones. 



The defendant then followed Quinones upstairs, stabbed him with a knife again and ran out of the building. The weapon used during the attack was recovered and the defendant’s DNA was found on the handle.


Clark said, “The defendant, Joseph Urgitano, stabbed the victim repeatedly in the groin, abdomen and legs when he came to visit Urgitano’s girlfriend. Now he has been held accountable for this brutal assault.”

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