Double Overdose Stuns ‘Quiet’ Throggs Neck Nabe

Bronx Neighborhood Shocked by ODs


BRONX– A Throggs Neck landlord discovered his tenants dead from an apparent double overdose. Cops say a smorgasboard of drugs were recovered including Xanax, a form of Oxycodone and what appears to be heroin. 


Residents were shocked at news of the double fatal overdose on Revere Avenue. The street is in the upper part of Throggs Neck, a normally quiet area of the community. 


Police recovered the bodies of Jerlanne Rojas, 34, and her roommate, Alex Cruz, 38, from inside the Revere Avenue home. 


Cops say the landlord discovered the bodies around 4 pm yesterday. The landlord told police that she had not seen the pair, who lived downstairs from her, for more than a week. 


It is unclear at this time how long the pair had been dead. Investigators said there were no obvious signs of trauma and it appears the deaths were caused by accidental overdose. However, the medical examiner will determine the official cause of death. 


Recovered inside the downstairs apartment was Xanax and Endocet which is Oxycodone mixed with acetaminophen. 


Cops also recovered a glassine envelope of what they believe to be heroin. 

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