Diwali Celebrated at Bronx Hospital 

BRONX– Employees at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in the Bronx celebrated the Festival of Lights, Diwali, using the entire conference center at the Hospital.  


This was the third annual Diwali for Lincoln Hospital. The guest speaker was the Honorable Sandeep Chakravorty, General Consul of India in New York.


Also attending to celebrate Diwali with the General Consul were his counterparts from Africa and Latin America, including Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, El Salvador, and Senegal.  The Ambassador from the Republic of Gambia was also in attendance.  According to the General Consul Chakravorty, who came to New York on August 3, 2017, this was the largest gathering of Consul Generals he has attended outside of the United Nations.  No other institution has been able to gather so many General Consuls in one place.



Chakravorty spoke in Hindi, Bengali, Spanish and English. Diwali message is about peace, light, prosperity.



The Festival of Lights is celebrated by over a billion Hindus all over the world and Diwali is one of the largest single-celebration on earth.


Lincoln has an extremely diverse staff and joins billions of others around the world who enjoy this holiday.


NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln partners with several African and Latin American Consulates, and has provided health related events monthly in many for ten years.



Milton Nunez, CEO of the NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in the Bronx, recognized the Ambassador all Guest General Consuls with the traditional Diwali gifts and a heartfelt “thank you”.



Those in attendance:

    1. Permanent Mission of the Republic of Gambia in Africa, the Honorable Lang Yabou, Ambassador.
    2. From Bolivia, the Consulate General Alvaro Rodrigo Pinilla
    3. The Consulate General of Colombia, Isabel Nieto Jaramillo
    4. Carlos Castillo, Consulate General of the Dominican Republic
    5. From Ecuador, Linda Machuca, Consulate General
    6. From Guatemala, Consul, Pedro Tzunun
    7. Consulate General of Honduras, Lidice Gonzalez
    8. From the Ivory Coast in New York, Annick Josiane Capet Bakou, Consul Generale
    9. The Republic of Mali Permanent Mission, Counselor, Bagname Simpara
    10. Karina Ramos, Health Affairs Coordinator from the Consulate General of Mexico
    11. Juan Alfredo Buffa, Consul General from the Consulate of Paraguay
    12. The Consul General of Peru, Maria Landaveri
    13. From the Consulate of El Salvador, Jose Vicente Chinchilla, Consul General
    14. Consul General of Senegal, Elhadji Amadou Ndao

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