Cops Recapture Escaped Prisoner 

Fled Bronx Hospital in Cuffs


BRONXCops recaptured an escaped prisoner who slipped out of a Bronx hospital in cuffs yesterday. 


Cops in the Bronx arrested 27-year-old Kevin Taylor at a friend’s apartment on Ogden Avenue. 


Officials say Taylor escaped from St. Barnabas Hospital in East Tremont at around 6:30 am on Friday. 


One of his hands was still in handcuffs.

Taylor was under arrest at the time for possession of weapons, narcotics and resisting arrest. He was being treated for undisclosed medical condition at the time of the escape. 


According to published reports, Taylor allegedly threw something at the officer guarding him and used the distraction to flee the hospital.  


It is unknown how Taylor reached his friend’s apartment in Highbridge undetected while sporting a pair of handcuffs.

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