AECI Charter School Opens Second South Bronx Location

Charter School to Provide Computer Engineering,  Innovation 

BRONX- By popular demand, AECI is opening a second location in the south Bronx. The second high school will serve grades 9-12 and will be a Computer Engineering & Innovation themed school. 

The student body at AECI is culturally diverse with a population that is 65% Hispanic and 35% African American. Both schools include sports teams, after school activities and student-centered clubs. 

Approximately 12% of our students are English Language Learners and 21% of our students are categorized as students with disabilities. Our school currently has a 95% attendance rate. 

In order to achieve its mission, the New York City Charter High School Network (AECI) is committed to providing a rigorous college preparatory learning environment. 

AECI emphasizes science and math proficiency, effective communication and critical thinking skills through a standards-based curriculum that meets or exceeds the New York State Learning Standards. 

Through collaboration with industry partners and post-secondary institutions, students gain work-based experience and college exposure opportunities. 

Some of the theme classes that we offer our students starting in ninth grade, Intro to Computer Science, which lead to industry certification in senior year. 

Open House:

Saturday May 18 and May 25

From 11am- 1PM 

838 Brook Avenue 

Bronx, NY 10451 

Open Enrollment thru 

May 31st, 2019 

Please contact to Ms. Diaz @ (646) 400-5566 ext 3022 

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