Cannabis Leads to NYCHA Evictions Deemed Hoax

Hoax Letter Says Tokers Will Be Kicked Out of NYCHA for Smoking Marijuana

By David Greene

BRONX- Those who partake in the still-illegal pastime of smoking marijuana, can rest easy to know that the letter currently circulating on the Internet about “Weed censors,” is a hoax and you can rest easy. For now.

The undated letter with the official letter head of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) stated, “Dear Tenants, Just to inform all tenants that we are investigating each apartment with a marijuana ‘weed’ sensor tester and if your apartment fails the test you will be losing your lease and apartment.”

In the one true part of the statement, the letter continues, “You signed the new lease agreement of the new rules of the federal regulations (in) effect on July 30, 2018.” The letter ends, “We received thousands of complaints of “weed” smoking everyday and every night.”

One non-pot-smoking NYCHA resident, Shalenia Wilson, quickly defended against the hoax, offering, “I feel like if you pay rent and it’s your space, you can smoke in your apartment. But not in the hallway, because it goes into other people’s apartments.”

A letter circulating online and at NYCHA complexes across the city, stating the NYCHA weed police were coming.–Photo by David Greene

Regarding a recent lease signed by all leaseholders last year, Wilson said, “It said cigarette smoke, so it’s not specify and it’s not clear. Legally, maybe they can try and put them out of their apartments.”null

Another NYCHA resident added, “And when they legalize marijuana, where are they going to put all these people. They have to deal with this one way or the other. More people are smoking marijuana now then cigarettes.” 

Still another NYCHA resident stated, “You can smell it, all day, every day in the hallways, if they’re not arresting people anymore for smoking weed… everybody smokes pot.”

A call for comment to NYCHA was directed to a Twitter post by spokeswoman Jasmine Blake, who tweeted out, “To be clear: this is a hoax @NYCHA did NOT put this out. There are no weed sensors and we aren’t evicting residents.”

The tweet concluded, “Smoke-Free NYCHA is a federal policy that has graduated enforcement starting with meetings only. We only know  about smoking if staff or residents alert us to it.”

NYCHA pot smokers appear safe for the moment.

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