Bronx Teen ‘Pushed’ into Traffic Dies

Ruled Homicide 

Was Attack Gang Related?

By David Greene

BRONX- Police are investigating the chain of events that led to a 17 year-old to flee or was possibly pushed by unknown assailants–into oncoming traffic leading to his death.

Officers from the 52nd Precinct and paramedics were called to 2669 Bainbridge Avenue, between East 194 and East 196 Streets, at just before 6 p.m., on December 10, for a report of a pedestrian struck.

The victim was struck by a white Ford Econoline ambulette that stopped at the corner of East 196 Street. One resident stated the driver was “pacing back and fourth,” after striking the teen. 

The victim was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital with serious head trauma and died a short time later.

Police believe the victim fled into the street or was pushed into this van along Bainbridge Avenue Monday night.–Photo by David Greene

Later that evening police identified the victim as Angel Reyes-Godoy, 17, a resident of the block. The following morning the Office of the City’s Medical Examiner (OCME) ruled Reyes-Godoy’s death a homicide.

One police source stated, “Investigators obtained a surveillance video of several teens or young men fleeing the scene.” The source added, “He’s already been identified, we’re currently looking for him at the home of several relatives.”

As Bainbridge Avenue was shutdown to vehicular traffic for the investigation, one woman looking to park her car on the block, stated after learning what had happened, “These kids are going crazy, I swear.”

Asked if the group of teens and young men that often play basketball in the street during the summer months, are members of a gang, she replied, “I’m not going to talk about that.”

However, an elderly man who heard the conversation, offered, “The kids sell drugs over there and we told the police about it during a meeting in the spring. They know about it.”

Residents of the block say Reyes-Godoy had lived with several different friends on the block for the last 2 years after migrating from Mexico.

One published report quoting a friend of Reyes-Godoy, stated  the victim had joined a gang, but had recently “tried to quit.”

Police had made no arrests by Tuesday afternoon.

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