‘Fake News’ Website Claims Bronx Club Fed Murder Victims to Customers 

Bronx News-Phony News Story Claims Bronx Restaurant Fed Murder Victims to Customers

By David Greene

An unthinkable story circulating social media has been deemed “fake news,” as similar stories put out by the same website has the same gruesome killing taking place in multiple American cities.

In early June, the website AB-TC.com and also known as “City News,” reported that the NYPD shutdown the Afro 10K Nightclub on Westchester Avenue, after the club owner killed patrons at the club and cooked the meat of victims and served them to customers.

Offering few details like the exact location of the club, the date or time of the police raid or the number of victims, the story still circulated like wildfire. The article claimed police acting on a tip, “Revealed human (body) parts in deep freezers.”

The article also stated that the unidentified owner was arrested and three additional suspects were being sought.

The article was quickly dubbed false by fact-checking website Hoax-alert.com, and reporter Maarten Schenk, who on July 5, found the website had similar stories in multiple cities including London, Atlanta and New Orleans to name just a few.

Schenk wrote, “That’s not true: at least two fake news sites have been pushing identical copies of this story in recent weeks with names and locations changed. It is not real.”

The NYPD confirmed the story was bogus and there is no Afro 10K Nightclub anywhere on Westchester Avenue.

The photo with the story of a severed foot, was apparently lifted from a 2012 story on CNN that was used to promote a horror video game.

Repeated attempts to contact the website were unsuccessful.

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