Tech Needed to Prevent Another Twin Tragedy of Being Left in Hot Car, Pols Say

Bronx News-New Tech Notifies You If You Leave Child in Car

By David Greene

Standing outside the gates of the Bronx V.A. Hospital, Councilman Cabrera announced legislation aimed at preventing the deaths of children, left to bake in unattended vehicles.

Exactly a week after 1-year-old twins Luna and Phoenix Rodriguez were left for eight hours, as their father went to work at the veteran’s hospital, Cabrera joined Sue Auriemma of and Donny Nordlicht, who represents car manufacturer Hyundai. 

Police prepare to obstruct the view of the public as they remove the bodies of 1 year-old twins who were left in a sweltering car for 8 hours.–Photo by David Greene

At the press conference on August 2, Cabrera said of his legislation, “Censors and technology in cars already exists that the parents could buy… second, it will increase the penalties when it comes down to having tinted windows.”

Cabrera continued, “We know in this particular incident the car had tinted windows. Who knows if a passerby could have seen the children.”

Cabrera is introducing a resolution for the State Assembly to pass legislation that would make it illegal to leave children unattended inside a vehicle. A second City Council resolution will urge the U.S. Senate to pass the Hot Car Act of 2019.

Auriemma said the deaths were “Not an isolated event.”

Auriemma explained, “This has to do with the failure of the brain’s memory. It has to do with over-taxing our brains.” She added that in about half of the cases, the parent believed they dropped the child off with a caregiver.

According to Auriemma, 900 children have died in hot cars since 1990 and last year that number reached a record 53 deaths in the United States.

Luna and Phoenix Rodriguez where the 22nd and 23rd deaths in cars in 2019.

In the week following since the deaths of the twins, child deaths have been reported in Florida, Texas and Kentucky, bringing the total number to 26. 

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