Bronx Man Shot to Death, Suspected of Killing 2 Women in 2004

Murderer Returns Home for His Own Execution in West Farms

“We just know they shot him a bunch of times and we’re not sorry see him go.”

By David Greene

BRONX– Cops in West Farms have a real whodunit on their hands after a man convicted of strangling and killing two women more than a decade ago, was shot multiple times in the chest and head– outside of the building where the two women died.

Police were called to 1010 East 178 Street, near the corner of Boston Road, where cops discovered Jerodd Watkins, 38, behind the wheel of an SUV at just after 7 p.m., on January 7. Police sources say he was shot multiple times in the chest and at least once in the head, outside of the Murphy Consolidated Houses.

A crime scene investigator documents the execution-style murder of Jerodd Watkins, 38, who died outside the same building he killed two women more than a decade ago.–Photo by David Greene

One source recalled, “In 2004 they found two women raped and strangled in the stairwell of this building. Basically, they were homeless prostitutes and they were both found raped, strangled and naked inside this building, eight months apart and he was later jailed for it.”

Department of Corrections records show that Watkins served 6 years for the killings of Diana Almesticia, 32, and Jeanine Faulmino, 34. Officials at the time stated that the killings had to do with Watkins’ drug and prostitution business and were made to look like sex attacks to throw off investigators.

Residents say Watkins was recently paroled and returned to the area, where at least one woman had claimed he had been harassing her in recent weeks. 

Watkins apparently shared an apartment a short distance from where he was shot. Police and neighborhood sources stated that Watkins was a single father and lived with his daughter, believed to be in her 20s.

One resident summed it up, “We just know they shot him a bunch of times and were not sorry see him go.”

Meanwhile, police were busy well into the following morning, collecting nearly a dozen shell casings that littered the street and sidewalk.

By early Tuesday morning police officials said they had made no arrests and the investigation remains “ongoing.”

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