Bronx Health Center is Now On Wheels

Union Community Health Center Unveiled Its Mobile Health Center 

Will Bring Medical Care into Community

BRONX- Union Community Health Center (UCHC) launched its #DrivingAccessToCare program, with the unveiling of a 35’ state-of-the-art, mobile health center, which serves as the nexus of their growing mobile health care fleet. 

The program is an unprecedented, neighborhood-targeted, mobile medical and dental delivery infrastructure that serves to improve health outcomes for Bronx residents through direct services and health education. 

Focusing on the most vulnerable populations and those more likely to experience barriers to accessing health care, UCHCs dedicated mobile health team is estimated to engage 168 patients weekly throughout the Bronx, conducting 7728 care visits during the 46 week care year; enabling the Center to further provide comprehensive-high quality, affordable health care services without the boundaries associated with traditional brick and mortar settings. 

“There is no disputing that access to quality health care is a major determinant of overall health and wellness,” said Dr. Douglas York, CEO of Union Community Health Center. “The inability to access care impacts life expectancy, employment, and family dynamics. 

“The UCHC Mobile Health Fleet will now bring vital health care services directly to thousands of Bronx residents. Our goal has simply been to help to eliminate some of the existing barriers to accessing care.” 

Thanks to a $475,834.00 New York State Health Care Facility Transformation Grant UCHC received in 2017, the health center was able to bring that goal to fruition and invest in a program that will extend its reach to more schools, day care centers, public housing developments, homeless shelters and senior centers. 

The wheelchair accessible vehicle is equipped with the latest in mobile health technology including x-ray, and in addition to primary health care services, specialties services such as rheumatology, gastroenterology, podiatry and cardiology will also be offered. 

In line with UCHC’s collaborative care model, the mobile medical unit will integrate behavioral health services into each primary care visit, which has statistically proven successful in 

identifying undiagnosed depression in patients reluctant to seek care from mental health professionals and connecting them to treatment and care. 

The holistic integration of behavioral health services in a primary care setting has also proven effective in addressing the high rates of co-morbidity linked between mental health and chronic physical health conditions. 

“UCHC’s Driving Access to Care program is a unique and holistic approach that aims to bring critical primary care and behavioral health services right to the doorsteps of our borough’s most under-served neighborhoods,” said State Senator Gustavo Rivera, Chairman of the Senate Health Committee. “It is critical that we continue investing in innovative solutions, such as UCHC’s state-of-art mobile medical unit, if we are committed to make quality and affordable healthcare more accessible to all New Yorkers. Together we can work towards eliminating the unacceptable health disparities that continue to plague our borough.” 

Dr. Douglas York thanked State elected officials for their ongoing commitment in helping FQHCs expand access to affordable, high-quality primary and preventive health care in high-need areas of the state, such as the Bronx. 

“I commend CEO Dr. Douglas York, staff, and medical professionals on the launch of its #DrivingAccesstoCare Program. Union Community Health Center has become a staple in my district as it continues to improve the physical and mental health of my community. I am proud to work with community based organizations such as UCHC to better the wellbeing of my neighbors.” said Assemblymember Victor M. Pichardo. 

In addition, through its corporate sponsorship program, UCHC has received support from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which represents the country’s leading innovative biopharmaceutical research companies. “We support innovations in expanding access to care, and we are proud to support UCHC in their efforts to broaden their reach and respond to the unmet needs in the community,” said Laura Perloff, Senior Director, Advocacy and Strategic Alliances at PhRMA. 

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