Bronx Apartment Transformed Weed Grow House

Weed Wackers: Searching for Gas Leak, FDNY Discovers Illegal Weed Farm

By David Greene

BRONX– A call for a report of live wires down led firefighters to discover two apartments in a Marble Hill building, with over 100 plants of marijuana in an apparent weed grow house.

Firefighters were called to 1 – 8 Jacobus Place at West 225 Street at just after 12 p.m., on December 27. Members of the FDNY smelled what they believed was gas, that led them to the discovery of the plants inside two fifth-floor apartments.

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The illegal weed grower’s irrigation and ventilation system can be seen through a bathroom window.–Photo by David Greene

Residents of the 4th and 5th floors were briefly evacuated as Hazmat crews were called and Con Edison worker’s shut off gas to the building as a precaution.

One resident told News 12 that she had told police of the situation a year ago, adding, “They didn’t listen to me.”

A firefighter checks the basement after 2 marijuana farms were discovered inside a Jacobus Place building in Marble Hill.–Photo by David Greene

Fire trucks and police vehicles had the street shutdown for several hours as police obtained a search warrant for the two apartments, many residents had believed to be vacant.

In October, a firefighter fell off a ladder and was seriously injured as members fought a fire at a marijuana “grow house” in Pelham Bay.

In August, two men were sentenced in a manslaughter case stemming from the September, 2016 explosion at a private home growing marijuana in Kingsbridge. The explosion killed FDNY Chief Michael Fahy.

Police continue to investigate, but no arrests have been made.

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