Bright Horizons Comes to Riverdale

By Robert Press

BRONX– The Whitehall Building has a new tenant where the former annex to PS 24 once was. It is a daycare/early childhood learning center called Bright Horizons.



Bright Horizons is a nationwide company with 900 locations and several in the metro New York area. Bright Horizons takes care of infants and children up to five year olds.


I was able to be given a tour of Bright Horizons by the director Ms. Chandele Morris. There are a total of 13 rooms and each room is designated for a different age group from two weeks to five years old. Each room is equipped with the necessary needs of the age of the child, such as changing tables and cribs for infants all the way up to Smart Boards and other technology for the older children.


I didn’t recognize the space from when it was under lease to the Board of Education. It is completely different with wood paneling on the floors, to having a large well-equipped fenced in playground outside. I was told that there will be two teachers in every classroom, and that the class size will range from eight to fifteen depending on the age group. The center will be able to hold up to a maximum of 150 children of the different age groups.


Bright Horizons already is enrolling children, and is having tours of the site for interested parents. You can call Ms. Morris at 718-514-6974 to schedule an appointment to visit Bright Horizons to see if it right for your young child.


Speaking of children, the son of Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Eric Dinowitz has been appointed to Community Board 8. It seems interesting to me since the current Councilman Andrew Cohen was also a member of Community Board 8 before he was elected to the City Council. Other new members of Community Board 8 are Ms. Julia Gomez, Mr. Daris Jackson, Ms. Jye Townes, Ms. Denise Roslind-Zaveras, Ms. Myra Joyce, and Dr. Martin Gluck, as provided by the Bronx Borough President’s office.



Community Board 8 held a very rare summer Traffic and Transportation meeting this past monday night (after my deadline) so check my blog at for more details about the meeting. The agenda included a presentation to modify the scope of work for the West 229th Street Step Street to expedite the work for a quicker completion. There was also an application for a sidewalk cafe for Blackstone’s Bar and Grill located at 3713 Riverdale Avenue. A street closure application for a School Rally/Block Party on Webb Avenue between West 197th Street and Reservoir Avenue for September 3rd. There was also a follow up on the resolution by the community board on the resolution sent to the DOT on the Broadway Corridor proposal. Since there have been many roads milled over two weeks ago, I am sure that the subject of just when they are to be paved came up, and the roads should have been paved this week according to the DOT schedule.


It looks like Riverdale Avenue between West 236th and West 238th Street is the place to eat lunch or dinner or have a drink this summer. There are great choices of food and drinks, including the delicious new ‘Fruit Smoothies’ at Yo Burger.


Just be careful when you park your car if you drive, because the DOT still has not fixed the curbs that were broken when the street was milled in March of 2016. The date I was told the curbs would be fixed would be March 2017, and it is now the middle of July 2017. Next time I am able to question Mayor Bill de Blasio (if he stays in New York City) at a press conference I am going to invite him to dinner at Salvatore’s of Soho on the corner of Riverdale Avenue and West 238th Street, and then ask the mayor when the city is going to fix the broken curbs.


Lastly, I will be taking off next week and probably one other week in the summer. So if you do not see this column just check my blog for more of what you see here.


If you have any comments about this column or would like to have an event listed or covered in this column or on my blog, you can e-mail me at or call 718-644-4299Mr. Robert Press.

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