Renovation, Great Shows, Highlight Lehman Center’s 40th Anniversary

The arts mecca of the Bronx opens its new season with a $15 million rehab and a dazzling collection of shows from Latin, disco and freestyle to musicals, operas, world dance troupes and even a musical celebrating the life of Cecelia Cruz. The Lehman Center for the Performing Arts is celebrating its 40th season of bringing affordable, high-class shows to the people of the Bronx.

3 Things Every Startup Business Need to Consider

Everyone just loves the custom screen print t-shirts you give your friends as gifts and says you should sell them. The cupcake shop you are starting makes people happy but you need more exposure. Your dog-walking service is both fun and provides exercise, but there isn’t enough business to keep you in business. What do these and other small businesses need to see their business grow?

One Step at A Time: A Physical Therapist’s Guidelines for Better “PT”

When recovering from a serious injury, stroke, major surgery, or a debilitating condition, help is necessary to regain strength, coordination, and balance, in order to live your life as independently as possible.

How Was Cop Gunned Down Near Police Precinct?

A police officer attempting to make an arrest a block away from the local precinct, was shot and killed as he struggled with a man who refused to stop for questioning. Fellow cops returned fire, killing the suspect.

Live updates: House subpoenas Pompeo and schedules depositions of five State Department officials – The Washington Post

Live updates: House subpoenas Pompeo and schedules depositions of five State Department officials  The Washington Post * This article was originally…

Mount St. Ursula Opens New School Year with Major Renovations

The Academy of Mount St. Ursula held a thank you event (on site), to thank the generous supporters in donating more than $844,085, to make capital improvements for the building. Improvements were made over the summer: