Arthur Ave Eatery Celebrates 100 Years in Little Italy

Joseph Migliucci and his family, personable proprietors of Mario’s Restaurant on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx, are marking ‘Cent’ Anni’, a remarkable 100 years of serving their robust Neapolitan Italian-American cuisine.

Horror Master’s Bronx Home to Get Upgrade

Borough President Diaz will provide the Edgar Allen Poe Cottage with $450,000 in capital funding through his FY2020 budget. The allocation will be used for the installation of roof and exterior woodwork; and exterior masonry to the Poe Cottage.

UP Health System–Marquette donates $10,000 to YMCA of Marquette County –

UP Health System–Marquette donates $10,000 to YMCA of Marquette County With a $10000 donation from UP Health System, the YMCA…

Tech Needed to Prevent Another Twin Tragedy of Being Left in Hot Car, Pols Say

Standing outside the gates of the Bronx V.A. Hospital, Councilman Cabrera announced legislation aimed at preventing the deaths of children, left to bake in unattended vehicles.

Pets Can Mean Welcome Smiles for Homebound Seniors

Companion animals bring great joy to their owners. The unconditional love cats and dogs provide appeals to people of all ages. While many people associate pets with kids who can’t wait to welcome the first cat or dog into their homes, pets can benefit aging men and women as well.