Amazon Helps Bronx Students Become Computer Engineers

Retail Giant Helps St. Raymond HS Students Learn Coding for Cloud and Advanced Computing

BRONX– St. Raymond High School for Boys was one of over a hundred schools selected to participate in the Amazon Future Engineer Program (AFEP)

In partnership with Edhesive, Amazon has made a $50 million commitment to Computer Science Education within the five boroughs of New York City. 

In addition to the Introduction to Computers course St. Raymond already offers, they will add Introduction to Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principle courses during the 2019-20 school year. 

“We don’t have the resources currently to offer the A.P. classes and the programs that we want and that’s why this is such a great opportunity because Amazon’s going to give us the ability to do that for our students,” Assistant Principal Jeff Sidoti stated.

The AFEP brings with it not only computer science courses, but also student access to scholarships and early college internships and professional development for teachers. 

St. Raymond students will begin learning about cloud computing through in-school online classes. They will also learn computer language programs like Python, Scratch and Processing and Java. These courses will allow students to develop a foundational understanding in core computer science and programming concepts. 

Ultimately, the AFEP is preparing students for successful careers within computer science and many other fields related to it. 

“I think this a wonderful opportunity for our students. Not only will they be developing computer skills but they will also become self-disciplined, independent learners”, said Virginia Meller, chairperson of computer and business.

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