A Weed Killer Is Increasingly Showing Up in People’s Bodies

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A Weed Killer Is Increasingly Showing Up in People’s Bodies
For more, visit TIME Health. The latest study to look at the long-term effects of Roundup, a popular weed killer developed by Monsanto in the 1970s, raises questions about the herbicide’s possible contributions to poor health in certain communities.

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Daily News, City Harvest, NYPD, FDNY kick off annual food drive
The Daily News launched its 35th annual food drive Tuesday to help needy New Yorkers during the holiday season. The News is teaming up with City Harvest and the city’s Finest and Bravest to collect a cornucopia of canned goods to feed the hungry.

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Bill O’Reilly apologizes to former Fox colleague for podcast comment
NEW YORK — Bill O’Reilly has apologized for saying the death of his former Fox News colleague’s son was related to sexual harassment allegations against the father. O’Reilly said in a New York Times podcast Monday: “Eric Bolling’s son is dead. He’s dead …

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This Nuyorican Is Telling the Story of Bronx Black and Brown Boys With His Own Testimony
In a video where he’s sitting in front of a brick wall sporting a backwards fitted cap and a colorful sleeveless top, Adam Levine-Peres describes what we’re about to watch. Most of his videos begin with a fun line introducing the topic, and for this …

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