3 Things Every Startup Business Need to Consider

Everyone just loves the custom screen print t-shirts you give your friends as gifts and says you should sell them. The cupcake shop you are starting makes people happy but you need more exposure. Your dog-walking service is both fun and provides exercise, but there isn’t enough business to keep you in business. What do these and other small businesses need to see their business grow? Consider the following.

1. Advertising and Marketing

Getting your name out there and familiarizing potential customers with your product are the most critical facets of starting up a business. Sitting around the table with friends and coming up with a list of possible names for your company or product are fun, but you may need a knowledgeable printing company in Harrisburg to give you a boost in the right direction.

2. Quality Website

In this age where no one puts their mobile device down for long, having an easily accessible and user friendly website is key to consumers getting their hands on your product. You should include three main components – product information, pricing, and where/how to purchase your product.

3. Satisfied Customers

You don’t just want to make a sale, you want to create a relationship. How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh I just love _________!”? It would be worth its weight in gold to have your product or company’s name in that blank. Word of mouth is huge in the selling game. Utilize customer reviews in your website or advertising as well. Nobody likes being the only person who hasn’t tried the latest thing.

4. Consistency

If a consumer purchases a delicious and loaded burger that looks like it is straight out of a television ad today, but returns tomorrow only to get half the topping in a squished bun, they are not likely to come back. Have consistent quality in every purchase establishes trust and reliability with your customer base. Sure, you want to build a wider base with more and more customers, but don’t underestimate the value of a repeat customer. As mentioned above, they may bring others along. If the nature of your product is that each one is different, be sure to build that up as a major marketing point.

So show a bit of spirit in selling your product and get motivated. A positive outlook is a great start, but it takes some strategic planning and preparation to get things going. Before you know it you could have the next hottest thing going.


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