Get Ready to Cough Up $12 to Snarl in Manhattan Traffic

Uber, Cabs to Take Hit as Well

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to back the plan to raise money for subways and clean up traffic in the heart of New York City, with a levy on motorists that could be as high as $12.

The report by the “Fix NYC” panel says it may take up to two years to fully implement congestion pricing if it is approved by the state Legislature, although some aspects affecting cabs and car services could be coming much sooner.

“It’s going to accomplish a good deal to reduce congestion and raise revenue to improve transit. The fees for the for-hire vehicles will happen this year,” said Sam Schwartz, a former top city transportation official who helped work on the report, which is expected to be released Friday.

While the final congestion prices have not been determined, the suggested surcharge for passengers using car-hire services such as Uber and yellow cabs is $2 per trip.




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