Gentrifying Parkchester? Metro North Station Could Just be Beginning

NORWOOD NEWS- Sergio Linietsky has been living in the neighborhood of Parkchester for 50 years. Linietsky, a social worker at a community senior center, said that whenever he wants to go into Manhattan it becomes an ordeal because of the lack of options available to him.

“To get to my friends in Midtown now I either take the #6 train or I wait for the express bus. Usually, the wait can take up to an hour,” Linietsky said. “So many times I have to go to Morris Park to take a bus there because they have two buses per hour.”

Five years from now, Linietsky could get to Midtown in a half hour thanks to the MTA’s plan to build a Metro-North station in the neighborhood.


The Bronx Develops: A Metro-North Station in a City Within a City
THE PROPOSED SITE for a Metro-North station in Parkchester can be found at East Tremont Avenue and Dogwood Drive, currently occupied by a tow truck company.
Photo by Julia Rist


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